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Thanks to years of research and an extensive trial and error process, The ACT Prep Queen Courtney Martin uses effective ACT test prep and a variety of test taking methods to help prepare students. She has seen much growth among her students, not only in the score itself, but also in their confidence level as a student and in their overall composure as a test-taker. She has seen her students raise their composite ACT scores by five points, and some students have raised their score by eight points!

"I learned so much from Courtney Martin's ACT Study Prep's Professional Development!  Her presentation methods are engaging and her knowledge level is excellent.  Students and educators can relate to her examples of ACT scenarios and how to wisely maneuver studying for the ACT.  This was one of the best trainings offered in my 40 years as an educator." - Debbie

"I received my son’s score today! He graduates in May and has been stuck at a 19. Our goal was a 20 for TOPS. The February test was his ninth time to take to ACT. He scored a 22!!! We are all so excited and relieved that he will now receive TOPS!" - Parent

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“Those students who have raised their scores are such exciting stories to hear, but my favorite feedback would have to be from the students who tell me that they walked into that testing room calmly and confidently, fully prepared for what was in front of them."  

- Courtney Martin, The ACT Prep Queen

How can the ACT Prep Queen prepare your students?

School Districts

Courtney provides group rate professional development courses for school districts around the state

Individualized Plans

Courtney accepts the challenge of finding what makes it all ‘click’ for a student

In-person & Virtual Classes

Courtney has helped students in Louisiana and surrounding states boost their scores.

"Courtney is wonderful! Both our teachers and students have utilized her techniques and strategies to help improve ACT scores. Courtney helps students gain a better understanding of the ACT and is instrumental in student improvement."  - Amy

Courtney Martin is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University and has been a certified middle and high school math teacher for 17 years. Courtney has taught in the public and private sectors, as well as virtually. She has over 25 years of tutoring experience, with a wide variety of ages and subjects. Courtney currently teaches Algebra 1 and AP Statistics at Ruston High School,  serves as a mentor for new and incoming teachers, and is also the Secondary Math Facilitator for Lincoln Parish. Courtney Is an ACT Certified Educator.