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I graduated in 2015 with a 30 on my ACT. I was in Mrs. Martin’s ACT Prep, and my ACT score went from a 25 to a 30 in 4 months. Her teaching me how to really interpret the diagrams in the science section helped me so much--my science subscore went from a 20 to a 32! AB
Courtney Martin ACT Prep
Courtney Martin
The ACT Prep Queen!
AW says "I graduated from high school in 2015. As a high schooler, I was very adamant about my ACT Score. Overall, I attempted the ACT test 8 times. My starting math score was 22 at the beginning of my junior year. My junior and senior year, I took Mrs. Martin’s ACT prep class. Mrs. Martin not only helped me with my Math skills, but also taught me multiple test taking strategies I still use today as a senior in college. Only with her help was I able to raise my math score to a 29! This impacted my overall score incredibly, which helped me to pursue a higher education with the help of my TOPS scholarship."

KR says "I had Mrs. Martin as my math teacher for several years in high school. I was not good at math and it always took me a lot of practice to really learn and understand it. Mrs. Martin has a special way of simplifying and breaking things down. She is very patient and wonderful at teaching. Myself and everyone else always knew she was a good math teacher, but when I was in her class for ACT Prep I didn’t know if I would get as much from it regarding to other subjects. I started taking the ACT as a sophomore and scored an 18 on three different occasions. I felt so stuck and annoyed, but after I started going to Mrs. Martin’s prep class my score started to increase. I went from scoring an 18 to scoring a 19, then a 21. I gradually increased my score throughout the year and finally finished with a score of 24. There is no doubt in my mind that I owe majority of this credit to Mrs. Martin. Not only does she teach the basics and break things down so you can more easily understand, but she has had a lot of experience and she has very well thought-out strategies for different portions of the exam. This is most definitely a class worth taking if you are looking to improve your ACT score!"

Just a little about Courtney Martin
Courtney Martin is a graduate of La Tech University and has been a certified Math teacher for 14 years. Courtney has taught in the public and private sectors, as well as virtually. She also has over 20 years of tutoring experience, with a wide variety of ages and subjects.
Courtney has completed ACT Educator Training. 
My ACT Prep class with Mrs. Courtney majorly impacted how I went about taking the ACT. During each class, I was constantly practicing my timing on each section, given tips on how to better understand and complete the questions, and was taught techniques to make taking the ACT, or any test, easier. The one-on-one classes we had brought my ACT score up 4 points after just a few weeks of practice! I recommend Mrs. Courtney’s help if you are struggling with bringing up your score! AM
Before I took ACT Prep, I didn’t understand how to fully tackle the ACT. After I took ACT Prep with Mrs. Courtney, I knew multiple tips and strategies that would help increase my overall score. After just 3 days of tutoring before my ACT, my composite score went from a 24 to a 28. I would strongly recommend taking ACT Prep. kW
My name is Candice. I graduated in 2015. I took Mrs. Martin’s ACT Prep class and it helped my ACT score. I first took the ACT test and I received a 17. After Mrs. Martin’s class, my score went up to a 19. She made everything make sense and she helped me pass. I can't thank her enough for being so great. Cm
Mrs. Martin was my favorite teacher in high school, where I had her for three of my four years! I graduated in 2010. I took my first crack at the ACT in December of 2008 and scored a 25 on the Mathematics portion and a 25 for my composite score. She helped me increase that score to a 27 in Mathematics and a 28 composite when I took it the second time in October of 2009. She is a very positive and influential teacher that helped shape me into the person that I am today! BC
I took the ACT for the first time sophomore year of high school and made a 16. I’ve never been a very good standardized test taker. I entered Mrs. Martin’s ACT prep class Junior year of high school and went from having an 18 to finishing with a 20! I was encouraged through the class and pushed to do my absolute best. I honestly couldn’t have made it without Mrs Martin. Thankful for that ACT prep class! RS

Thank you so much! She really got a lot out of this session! She said she’d go back next weekend! Mom

I took ACT PREP with Ms. Martin and my score before the class was 13 and after the class it was an 18. Taking this class helped me a lot for the math part of the ACT. She helped me breakdown problems that I didn’t understand and made it more clear to understand for the test. I’m not great in math but she definitely helped a lot! I graduated in 2015, without Ms. Martin’s help there’s a possibility that my score for math wouldn’t have gone up and my overall score wouldn’t have either. AR
This ACT Prep class has given me the confidence and the skills needed to fully tackle the ACT. I have learned tips and tricks that have helped me a lot on the ACT. This class helped me increase my composite score from a 21 to a 29! I would definitely recommend this class to a friend. AS

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